We want to get to know YOU Bellingham! Both the well known, and no so well known!

Join us for our first season of the City of Subdued Podcast! Where we discuss our pets, local hot gossip, our favorite local spots, and we get to know local leaders, business owners, and characters (AND even some royalty), and HOW to support each other during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The City of Subdued Positive Reinforcement
Who: Michael Nichols (The Bellingham Dog Guy!)
Contact Michael here!

Episode 2: The City of Subdued Founding Fathers
Who: Devan (Social Media Manager, Bartender, and Server at Dirty Dan's Steakhouse) AND Paul (The owner of Dirty Dan's Steakhouse)
Check out Dirty Dan Harris Steakhouse!

Episode 3: The City of Subdued Red Light Districts
Who: The Good Time Girls! Kolby and Wren
Find the Good Time Girls here!

Episode 4: The City of Subdued Puffy Vests!
Who: Rhiannon (The owner of Fringe Boutique)
Shop at Fringe!

Episode 5: The City of Subdued Tele-Appointments
Who: Stephanie (Psychotherapist from Hearts Healing Therapy)
Where to find Stephanie

Episode 6: The City of Subdued Dog Moms
Who: Emily Howard (Bellingham Comedian, Dog Mom, and Step Mom).

Episode 7: The City of Subdued Half Off Growlers
Who: Gary (Owner of 122 West Brewing and Click Monster)
122 West Brewing

Episode 8: The City of Subdued Solidarity
Who: Joy Wiggins (Author, facilitator, activist, and professor)
Where to find Joy

Episode 9: The City of Subdued Glitt3r Shrimp Art
Who: Aireekah (Professional Party Starter and owner of Glitt3r Lyfe)
Check Out Glitt3r Lyfe!
Shop Glitt3r Lyfe!

Episode 10: The City of Subdued Renewal
Who: Marissa (Assistant Director of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership)
Check out the Downtown Bellingham Partnership!

Episode 11: The City of Subdued Acceptable Crossovers
Who: Jeff and Django(Owners of the Comics Place in Downtown Bellingham AND the Co-Hosts of The Perfectly Acceptable Podcast!)
Check out the Comics Place!

Episode 12: The City of Subdued D.I.Y. Bangs
Who: Kris Anderson - Local Stand up Comedian and Co-Owner of Salon Amethyst
Check out Kris at Salon Amethyst

Episode 13: The City of Subdued Advanced Certification
Who: Jason Harper - Owner and Founder of Stemma Brewing Company
Check out Stemma!

Episode 14: The City of Subdued Reform
Who: Sean McKee - Local Criminal Defense Attorney
Find out more about Sean!

Episode 15: The City of Subdued Trezor Hunts
Who: Dan Marshall (Noone Danger Marshall) - Tech guy, Board of Directors for Bellingham Makerspace, and Leader of the Bellingham Cryptocurrency Group

Episode 16: The City of Subdued Homebrewed Crossovers
Who: Dave Morales - The Host of Tapped In Beercast
Listen to Tapped In! Here!

Episode 17: The City of Subdued Witchy Crafters
Who: Juniper and Aidan - The Owners of Bloom and Bone Trading Co.
Check out Bloom and Bone Trading Co.!!

Episode 18: The City of Subdued Neighborhood Royalty
Who: Alexarc Mastema - Owner of Maniac Coffee Roasting, King of Sunnyland, and local crow expert!
Check out Maniac Coffee Roasting!

Episode 19: The City of Subdued Community Art Projects
Who: Robert Sarazin Blake - Folk Artist/Musician, Entertainer, and organizer of the Subdued Stringband Jamboree!
Robert Sarazin Blake!
Subdued Stringband Jamboree!!

Episode 20: The City of Subdued Shoelessness
Who: Kait Whiteside - Executive Director of the Max Higbee Center

Max Higbee Center

Episode 21: The City of Subdued Secret Projects
Who: Daisy Gonzales- Front of House at El Rey Latino Restaurant on Meridian

El Rey Latino Restaurant

Episode 22: The City of Subdued Twin Mix Ups
Who: Lindsey Payne Johnstone - The Events Director of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership

Downtown Sounds

Episode 23 (Season Finale): The City of Subdued Destructive Bird Art
Who: Josh Holland - A Local musician, and the Front of House Manager of Bayou on Bay.