Local Treasures!

Local Treasures is a segment of our show, where we do a round table share with our guest, about something they ate, drank, or otherwise "consumed" recently, that fills them with local pride!

Local Treasure Picks from . . .

  • Hurricanes from Bayou on Bay (Maria)

  • Peach Rose Hard Seltzer from San Juan Seltzer(Annika)

  • Salmon Salad from Birch Door Cafe (Daisy)

Episode 20: Secret Projects

Local Treasure Picks from . . .

  • Right Here Right Now IPA from Wander Brewing (Maria)

  • Fringe at Home from Fringe Boutique (Annika)

  • All the Breweries! Shoes from Fairhaven Runners and Earls Bike Shop (Kait)

Episode 20: Shoelessness

Local Treasure Picks from . . .

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich from Culture Cafe (Maria)

  • Sage Against the Machine Nachos (Annika)

  • Strawberry Shortcake from Boundary Bay (Robert)

Episode 19: Community Art Projects

Local Treasure Picks from.....

  • Piña Colada from Twin Sisters Brewing (Annika)

  • Lemon Sage Cider Margarita Slushy from Bellingham Cider Company (Maria)

  • Saving his ass for dinner (Family Dinner Pack delivery) from Sandwich Odyssey and Great no-contact pick up from Simmering Tava (Alex)

Episode 18: Neighborhood Royalty

Local Treasure Picks from . . .

  • Tacos and outdoor seating from Black Sheep (Maria)

  • Ginger Beer from Bright and Sunny (Aidan and Juniper)

Episode 17: Witchy Crafters

Local Treasure Picks from.....

  • Successor Hazy IPA and Beer Pretzel Bites from Twin Sisters Brewing (Annika)

  • Southwest Burrito from Sage Against the Machine (Maria)

  • Smoke Beet Lager (Collaboration Beer) from North Fork Brewing and Standard Brewing in Seattle (Dave)

  • Terramar Brewing Distillery in Edison (Dave)

Episode 16: Homebrewed Crossovers!

Local Treasure Picks from . . .

  • Sliders from Big Stick BBQ (Maria)

  • Eggplant Sandwich from Brandywine Kitchen(Annika)

  • Blood Orange Beer Fringe Brew and Wanida Thai (Dan)

Episode 15: Trezor Hunts

Local Treasure Picks from.....

  • Garden Bowl from Kombucha Town (Annika)

  • Lots of Delicious Food from Dirty Dan Harris (Maria)

  • Cocktail Kits and innovation from Cabin Tavern and The Orion (Sean)

Episode 14: Reform

Local Treasure Picks from . . .

  • Truffle Fries from Luna's Bistro (Annika)

  • SO MANY THINGS from the El Rey (Maria)

  • The Mustang (Swiss Mushroom Burger) from Filling Station, and some new stuff from Twin Sisters Brewing (Jason)

Episode 13: Advanced Certification

Local Treasure Picks from.....

  • Blue Basil Cocktail Kit from Galloways (Annika)

  • Beer delivery from Elizabeth Station (Maria)

  • Some kind of local Salmon from Local Mother Nature (Kris)

Episode 12: DIY Bangs

Local Treasure Picks from . . .

  • The Blonde Readhead Cocktail Kit from Red Light Bar (Annika)

  • Delicious Eats from the Filling Station (Maria)

  • Salad from La Fiamma, Soap from Seawitch Botanicals, and the Baby Yoda IPA from Kulshan Brewing (Django)

  • Friday Fish Fry from Boundary Bay Brewing (Jeff)

Episode 11: Acceptable Crossovers

Local Treasure Picks from Renewal

  • Plants from Baby Greens (Annika)

  • Chicken Katsu from Super Duper Terikyaki (Maria)

  • Soap from Sea Witch Botanicals (Marissa)

Episode 10: Renewal

Local Treasure Picks from Glitt3ry Shrimp Art

  • Funfetti Cake from Antler Bakery (Annika)

  • Ramen from Hokai Ramen and Sushi (Maria)

  • Delivery from Dragon River , Samish Bay Cheese, Delivery from The Comics Place, and Raven's Bread (Aireekah)

Episode 9: Glitt3ry Shrimp Art

Local Treasure Picks from Solidarity

  • Pho from Soy House (Annika)

  • Cider from Lost Giants Cider Company (Maria)

  • Pizza from Pie Hole and Sushi from Kuru Kuru (Joy)

Episode 8: Solidarity

Local Treasure Picks from Half Off Growlers

  • Funfetti Cake from Pure Bliss (Annika)

  • She Wore Cranberry IPA from Wander Brewing (Maria)

  • ANY and ALL of our great local breweries! (Gary)

Episode 7: Half Off Growlers

Local Treasure Picks from Dog Moms

  • Swimming Rama from On Rice Thai Restaurant (Annika)

  • BBQ Delivery from Schwienhaus (Maria)

  • Local Kombucha! (Emily)

Episode 6: Dog Moms

Local Treasure Picks from Tele-Appointments

  • Sweet Potato Fries from Bayou on Bay (Annika)

  • Bourbon from Chuckanut Bay Distillery (Maria)

  • Anything from Anlter Bakery (Stephanie)

Episode 5: Tele-Appointments

Local Treasure Picks from Puffy Vests

  • Brunch from Mount Bakery (Annika)

  • Sweet and Sour Pork and Mandarin Chicken from Dragon River (Maria)

  • $1.00 Tacos from My Rancho Meat Market (Rhiannon)

Episode 4: Puffy Vests

Local Treasure Picks from Red Light District

  • Big Mama Kits from Jalapenos (Annika)

  • Pizza from Goat Mountain Pop-Up at Black Sheep (Maria)

  • Boundary Bay and Roller Betties Collab IPA (Wren)

  • Dr. Sparkles Magic Spray Hand Sanitizer from Glitt3r Lyfe (Kolby)

Episode 3: Red Light Districts

Local Treasure Picks from Founding Fathers

  • Grilled Cheese from Aslan (Annika)

  • Shishkabs from Tandoori Bites(Maria)

  • Ramen from Muto Izakia (Paul)

  • Takeout from Wainida Thai (Devan)

Episode 2: Founding Fathers

Local Treasure Picks from Positive Reinforcement

  • Batch 15 IPA from Aslan Brewing (Annika)

  • Cinnamon Twisty Sticks from McKay's (Maria)

  • Single Hop Citra from Wander Brewing (Michael)

Episode 1: Positive Reinforcement