About Us!

We are just 2 quarantined teachers just getting to know Bellingham!

As avid "partakers" of the Bellingham economy (we love the restaurants, bars, breweries, and shops of our city), we wanted to highlight these things in a podcast! We originally started to plan for this podcast BEFORE the COVID19 outbreak. We wanted to do a show during our summer break, where we highlight Bellingham businesses, culture, and people. We were planning to get official podcasting equipment this summer and meet people in cool spots all over town. But then COVID19 happened!

So here we are, casting from our quarantines! And ultimately, the equipment and recording locations don’t matter. What matters to us is our community and the people in it!

Meet Your Hosts!

Maria and Annika on a school field trip to Birch Bay Waterslides!

We want to support YOU Bellingham!

We are excited to *safely* participate in all the great businesses of Bellingham! We made sure to make an appearance at Stemma Brewing AS SOON as we made it to phase 2!

Let us know where you have been lately. :)